Thursday, March 26, 2009

All fried food Tastes the Same?!

I've been fairly successful in my transition to veganism. Only 4 slipups thus far since last week:

Saturday- Manchego Cheese (OMG. I am in love. I wish I never discovered this)
Wednesday- Pizza, donut (I don't know why I've been obsessed with these in the past few weeks, I only eat like 4 a year usually... bleh), egg whites

The only thing I'm so annoyed about is the fact that every single person replies when I say "Oh, I'm attempting to transition to Veganism" ... "Hrmmm, Vegan for weight loss, eh?"

OK. Yes, that's going to cut out a lot of fatty nasty gross foods. But I've been a vegetarian most of my life for health/ethical/pseudo-religious reasons, and they all know this. Perhaps my friends and family are just being catty because I am losing weight, or jealous that they don't have my resolve to give up over-processed-food.

Whatever. I'll do what I want.


It's dinnertime here, and so far I have stuck to my 64cal except that I had 1/16 of the other donut that is in the house. Damn Damn Damn. After I ate it, I had a strange taste in my mouth. I likened it to hash browns. Eeeew. I got these donuts from "Yum Yum Donuts" which is a ... gasp, donut shop. So, there would be no hash browns to be found there. This has led me to believe that: ALL FRIED FOOD TASTES THE SAME. I'm hoping that this helps me kick my strange donut habit. Calculated my calories and I ate 19cal. Sadly, I can now only eat 2 sticks of celery for dinner instead of 5. Ugh. But If I eat 8 pickle chips (ZERO cal), maybe I will survive. My stupid mother has just toasted up some chicken-less breaded chicken strips. They are 130cal for 4. I'm trying to tell myself it's not worth it to have one. I told you all this morning that I would be eating SIXTY-FOUR CALORIES TODAY.

I can't lose control. I can't disappoint my readers. And don't tell me that you won't think I'm a cow if I eat those 32.5cal because I need you to be slightly disgusted with me to get me through the day :)


belle svelte said...

yea you are totally on. i think a little competition might get me thinking about where I and where I ought to be. I really do want to get to 120lbs because that used to be my long term goal for like three years...and I think achieving that will be a real break through. I messed up today sadly...but I am not eating for the rest of the day, and tomorrow...I am back to my fruit fast. We could race to see who can get to 120 lbs faster? hahahaha...I kid you...only not =)


SophiaRuins said...

you can do it hun!!
dont give up.
trust me, its not worth it. dont be blindsighted by the food D=

theyre probably jealous. most of the people around me started acting catty when i stopped taking offered food.

maybe its just human nature?

xoxo Sophia Ruins <3

belle svelte said...

check thy email =)

belle svelte said...

just sent it =)

Tree said...

I give you props for going vegan. I was vegetarian for a long time and struggled with trying to go the whole route. :)

Pree said...

I can see what you mean about sharing my thing for numbers ;)

stay strong, and good luck with the veganism x

Anonymous said...

Lots of people think veganism is just a weight loss diet, even though I like the book I think some of that can be blamed on "Skinny Bitch". Anyways you seem to be doing well despite a few slip-ups, I had my share before I made it through the transition phase. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The best decision I ever made in my life was to switch from my 5 year vegetarianism to veganism. Sadly it only lasted a little over a year, as I became seriously sick from lack of pretty much everything. Make sure to take Omega 3 fatty acid supplements (fish oil). They'll keep your hair nice and your brain from dying!

Stay Strong! and don't let people dish on you for it. I got real sick of it.

Ana said...

I have the strongest cravings for fried foods sometimes. Always regrettable, too. Yeah, it really doesn't matter what you eat. They all taste the same because they're made in the same damn unhealthy oil.

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