Saturday, March 21, 2009

Puppies and Groceries

See? What did I tell you!? I'm feeling loads better today. Though, it does help that I'm at home with my terribly adorable dog. He seriously can't help being so precious.

Just got back from Trader Joe's to stock up on safe foods for the week during Spring Break. Stupidly decided to introduce my Southern mother to Indian food, so unfortunately that's not safe... but I've already made the excuse as to why I can't eat it with her tonight. The stupid party I have to go to! Bleh. And I'll tell everyone at the party that I had dinner with my mother. Mwahahah.

I got a ton of veggies, cilantro, some fruits (including sliced mangos and pomegranate seeds to have with my bran), mustard, zero cal olive oil spray, vegetable broth, stevia powder, and almond milk. Yay! We have a bunch of soy products already here, so I'm good on my protein front.

So after a bad week last week that sabatoged an excellent week before, I'm hoping to have a good week this week. I'm trying to follow [Kat's Challenge] with today being my first day, so here's hoping I'll be as successful as she has been with it :)

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep focusing on the immediate goal you're trying to achieve this week :)


Jenna said...

A.dorable! And I'm both sorry you had a hard day/week and glad that you're feeling better. Loving you incredibly!

joanna <3 said...

i fell in love with the third pic, totally adorable *.*

good luck this week, Hun xo

Anonymous said...

Omgosh I freaking love your dog!!! So adorable...I just might have to steal him. :) I didn't know there was zero-cal olive oil spray! Where did you get it? And what brand? I love olive oil but it's so flipping high in calories, this zero-cal stuff would make my day. ;D I'm crossing my fingers for ya girl, I really do hope you do well on our challenge! I'm kinda shocked I'm doing as well as I have been so far...hehe. xD

Think thin, xoxo

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! there's no pick me up quite like an adorable puppy. i know whenever i'm feeling blue i go pet my dogs.
trader joe's is awesome, btw. i'm a sucker for their low fat cheese puffs, but it kind of defeats the purpose when they're so good i eat them by the bag. oh well.

Ana said...

O_O soooo cute <3
I can't even bear it

Tree said...

the last pic is so cute ^.^

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