Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hello new followers :) Thank you for reading.


Girls, last night was a disaster. Had my tiny meal and excuses all planned out and at the last minute everyone decides not to go to this place, but rather to a pizza/beer joint. Made the excuse that I couldn't drink anything because I was on Topamax, so that saved a bunch of calories. But what pizza do they order? Potato and bacon! GROSS. And it had like full bacon slices or whatever on it. So I had to eat some because I was trying to stay under the radar, and if they ordered bacon, they obviously didn't care that they knew I *hate* bacon... so it was bad. But I only ate the one slice. Felt sick afterwards (and I think everyone else should have too, it was horrible)... but then they're like "OH it's Pi Day! We have to go get pie!!!!1111111"

So here I am at a diner choking down a little slice of pie, not eating the crust. Ugh, I couldn't have predicted it. Sad sad.


Well, I don't really feel like doing it (as I have loads of fruits and veggies in the fridge) but I'm going to be fasting. I feel so much more in control when I fast. Weight today: 127 (which is .9 pounds down from what I was 2 days ago. Terrible). And I need to get below 125.2, where I was before my weight started gaining again.


It's raining here. I love it.



Jenna said...

People ruin everything. Period.

But I'm happy to have you join me! How long are you going for (sorry if you've answered this 23079834769 times, my memory is abysmal)?

RayRay said...

Only one slice? Not too bad! I love pizza so I would have inhaled it, although bacon sounds pretty gross. :(

Lulu said...

urgh that sounds horrible. potato on a pizza?? weird. well done for staying in control of youreslf and yay for joing us in our lil competition!

Ana Nas said...

My parents did that to me the other day like hey we are going to eat at this place so I went online picked out my dinner and was like I'm good to go. Then they decided to go somewhere else and I was screwed.

Hope your fasting goes well.

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