Monday, March 16, 2009

tempted but not taken

SO proud of myself :)

Sat calm and composed tonight as my fatty cow friends and formerly-pudgy-now-stick friend ate huge burritos and drank a pitcher of margaritas. Lied and told them I would be having dinner with the BF later, and sipped on my water.

Earlier today, me and skinny friend went to the city into the shopping district so she could "see what size" she is now. Bitch. Walked around looking at all the weaklings eating their pizza and pastries, as I sipped on my water. Shopping is such good thinspo, I'm always like "You can't eat that muffin if you want to fit into these tiny clothes!"


This Friday, I have to go home for Spring Break. I was looking forward to this, but I just want to stay away from food. Told my mother on the phone today that I read about some kind of detox thing about the Dali Lama (he's coming to our soon town and everyone is like dying), so I might be able to do some fasting at home without lying about where I'm eating my meals (though I'll have to do a lot of that as well).... also told her I was going to cut out meat, dairy, and wheat since it doesn't sit well with my stomach. She bought it.

I must admit, I have been tempted by food today, but I've gotta shed these pounds. That's more important than remembering what the fuck pasta tastes like.

Here's to an optimistic week!



belle svelte said...

firstly, good luck for Spring Break. And I have to agree, shopping is total thinspo. My favorite part is just walking around, burning calories and forgetting about the appetite. My grad skin down was shopping for dress...lost like five pounds in three weeks! anyway.

the cleanse/skinny bitch diet is hard to get into if you are not a vegetarian. it is however, the best way to lose weight-- cleaning innards...well I'll let you read the book. It's quite a trip =)

oh yes...and girl scout cookies...well, I do get cravings and I think it's healthy to just have one/two pieces a week because I will binge if I don't have it. Might as well splurge 150 calories as opposed 1500 right? right. anyway, thanks for posting....

you and I have like the same stats btw. 22, hw of 156 goal weight of around 110...but I am curious, where do you live?

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