Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Application for Admission

I broke the fast :( But it was because the BF was making me celebrate for staying up all night calling the UK to find out that I got into Oxford! gah. Now I'm guilty and happy. So conflicted!

Re-starting the fast tomorrow. It's terrible that we have a cookie delivery service, otherwise I might have been able to get away without a celebration at the wee-hours of the night...

aah, guilty/happy/guilty/happy. I'll burn it off tomorrow, I swear and I'll fast for even longer.


Maggie said...

Thanks so great!!! I can only dream of ever going to oxford! ...maybe for my masters but I def didnt have a chance to go there straight after highschool (even though I got near perfect grades) - hence the study in australia choice was made.

I think this is the best reason for breaking a fast that I have heard in my life. I would have probably ran to store and bought everything that I wanted - in addition to a bottle of champagne, wine, beers and then get my friends around and have a party that would include pizza. Oh my.

No need to be guilty =)

Jenna said...


See, I told you you'd get it!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow well done! oxford is amazing, they turned me down and rightly so....

Savory Sweet said...

It's for a Masters, I would never have gotten in out of high school... it's SO competitive.

But thank you guys! I apparently pissed off one of my profs because she found out over facebook lol.

EvaPuedeVolar said...

Hey there,

Been seeing your name pop up around this community and thought I'd stop by.

A huge congratulations on your acceptance! Definitely a great reason to break a fast, you deserved it. Good luck on your next fast, I'll be starving with you.

<3 Eva

Ana said...

Wow!!! Oxford, that's amazing :D I'm proud of you! Don't feel guilty. lol - you can make it up to yourself when you're in college. College tends to either be very good or very bad for diets, depending on your social scene. :)
and thanks so much for your supportive comment, you're awesome ^_^

Anonymous said...

holy shit. people in my neighborhood could barely get into a community college... and all you need is a pulse to do that.
congratulations, seriously.

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