Thursday, March 5, 2009

And the weight goes marching off!

ha! I just weighed myself on my trusty Wii Fit (side note: A day can be made or broken by that bitchy little Wii Fit. So judgemental. At least scales can't talk to you)..... 130.5!

When I weighed myself at my mother's, it was fluctuating between 133/134. I haven't been down to 130 since Sept./Oct. when I (again) visited my mother and she made me eat all her Southern cooking. It's buttery poison. God, fatty fatty.

Ok, so in just 2 days, if my metabolism has boosted and shed these stubborn pounds I've been holding onto for sooo long, I am so excited. I'm glad I didn't cave and get the tomato juice and chicken broth at the corner store earlier this evening. I went home and drank more water. I don't have class until Tuesday, so if the fast goes well, I might be able to extend the fast until Monday! I've got a shit-ton of work to do, so I think I'm just going to clean the kitchen (which smells and will kill any apetite I may aquire over the next few days) and park myself in the living room and start working. Distractions, hooray!

Melt with me!


what if summer... said...

LOL a "shit ton"... do you watch Dexter?

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