Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 3 of 3-Day Water Fast

Watchmen was AMAZING. But this like huge cow sat in front of me with nachos, a hot dog, and a pretzel. I was so grossed out. And these like 10-year olds were in back of me like drinking their 200 oz. ICEEs and texting their BFFs. I love going out, but without the stupid disgusting people. Ah, I'm being too harsh! Everyone had a good time.


*sigh* My boyfriend is all pissed at me. He knows I have a new blog, and he knows I don't want him to read it. Fuck, if it was anything else, he would have forgotten about it. So he's moping in the other room. Whatever, more space for me to post uninterrupted.

Day 3 of Fast. I had talked about increasing this to five days. I'm not feeling any hunger, and other than the first headache I've had, I've really had no bad side effects of fasting. It's been hard, but worth it. I'm not going to post my weight until it's over, but I'm definitely losing over a pound a day.

The problem with continuing the fast is I think it's interacting with these meds I've just been put on for depression. I didn't want to talk about it before because I know I shouldn't probably even be on this since it may or may not have an increased risk of seizures, but my psych put me on Wellbutrin. I thought the pros outweighed the cons. But I haven't been sleeping well/nearly at all, I've been having really vivid dreams, and I got really sick this morning and couldn't keep my water down.

I think I got the meds out of my system this morning, and I'm back on water. I think I'll just stop the Wellbutrin and tell my Dr. it was way too activating next Thursday on our phone appointment.

So, I think just to be safe... I should end the fast at the end of the 3rd day instead of continuing on. It kind of makes me feel like a failure. I mean, I set out to do 3 days, but I started feeling like that wasn't good enough. Ugh. I'm just whiny, I guess.

Hopefully, the boyfriend will quit being mad at me later today and do the grocery shopping for both of us since there's no food and I need good, safe foods here to break my fast. Plus, our little pet lizard ran out of her food! No reason to starve her.

Here's my list of things I'm going to try in moderation:
loads of veggies -- carrots, bell peppers (I love to eat these like apples lol), raw broccoli, string beans
fruit -- pears, and strawberries, still have some apples in the fridge
low-fat tuna
non-fat cottage cheese
low-fat chedder string cheese
chicken broth
fresh dill & cilantro

Soooo we'll see. Obviously, I can't give up cheese. I used to be vegetarian but I could never go vegan b/c of my love of cheese... so if I can limit my intake, and eat them on higher cal days, I should be ok.

I hope you all are doing well!!!! Keep posting :)


My Dirty Little Secret said...

I couldn't even do a 3 day water fast so congrats on you for even doing that many!

hey.hana said...

Yes great job w/ the fast!

All I wanna say though is that you shouldn't break your fast with dairy! In my experience it doesn't bode well... Although dairy doesn't bode to well with me under the best of circumstances... ha so maybe you'll be ok?

But dunno, I think I've read somewhere that you should eat only veggies when you first break your fast, then expand to fruit, and only once your body is used to food again should you branch off to carbs/dairy/protein.

Just throwing it out there! But mostly this is a congrat//great job! comment :P

Ana said...

Eventually you'll want your boyfriend to know though...and it's better you tell him than he find it himself in the computer history or by typing blog into the browser and seeing what comes up
Watchmen - I hear it's good, but I'm absolutely HORRIFIED by what I hear about the scene with the dogs :( I love animals
There's no such thing as a bad dog. Just mistreated ones.
And congratulations on your fast :) Sounds like it's going great ^_^

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