Wednesday, March 11, 2009

*critical fail*

UGH. I shouldn't weigh myself as much as I do.

Thought I would get over the .4 gain (which is probably in all honesty just like weird daytime weight fluctuations), so I'm fasting all day like a good girl, turning my nose up at the popcorn and oreos everyone brought for the movie night.... I get home, and am like "OK, time to weigh myself again since this morning was clearly a fluke!"

Wii Fit bitchily informs me that I've gained an additional .3 pounds since this morning. What the hell on, Wii Fit?! My total combined calories for the past 3 days have been less than 700, and I've been living off water like a freaking daisy all day.

I grab the BF and we head to the Mexican restaurant across from my apartment (in his defense, he tried to make me accountable and told me I would regret it, and made me do crunches before and wanted me to work out on the Wii). So we're sitting there, and I order a veggie chimichanga (let's take something that sounds healthy and then FRY IT!), and then start filling up on chips.

This wasn't a mindless binge, mind you. This was my internal skinny dominatrix voice telling me I was being punished. I hated every bite. I was full when the food came, but Madam cracked the whip and told me to continue eating.

The cupcakes were still here when we got back so I had to have 2, even though I wanted to die at this point.

So now my calories are at 1,000 for the day. The BF won't let me stay up all night working out on the Wii Fit to burn them off, so I'll have to restart the fast tomorrow and get in a few workouts throughout the day. I'm not discouraged, I'm just so mad at myself. I don't know what happened, and I thought I would just pretend this didn't happen and blog something cheerful tomorrow, but I can't lie. UGH.

I shouldn't weigh myself as much as I do. But I'll probably be back on that scale tomorrow morning.


My Dirty Little Secret said...

Only weigh yourself in the morning you'll go crazy otherwise!! People always weigh more at night.

Laura said...

Those fucking bitchy Wii Fits. Did it make you "give a reason for your gain" too? That's what always gets me.'s like, where is "Water weight from fasting all fucking day" on the option list? Haha.

Jenna said...

Really? The Wii Fit makes you explain yourself? That's quite an attitude for a bunch of wires and a microchip.

Does your BF know about your ED?

Savory Sweet said...

LOL. I know, I hate it when it asks me why. Like it's my Mother or something. Wii Fit is totally Pro Ana.

I don't know if he knows about my ED. Maybe he's letting me do whatever I want because he thinks its a phase, or he thinks this is better than me being totally borderline on him....

Celia said...

Wow, Wii Fit is crazy!!!!! I find it soooo hard not to weigh myself every day. When I do, it's like I know not to pay attention every day (and I only pay attention on Sundays) but it's compulsive.

As regards the FatFree Vegan stuff, it's all a bit hit and miss... maybe that's cos I never have all the stuff and I have to make it glutenfree too!! I've done this recipe before, it's pretty nice. I tried it again but with the prunes (before I used applesauce) and it wasn't as good with them as with applesauce.

Ana said...

Mexican food is my personal weakness.
Was it at least spicy?
and that .3 extra was probably just water weight. Don't worry too much about things like that.

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