Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the Bandwagon!

I’m done feeling sorry for myself.

This morning the dominatrix woke me up and told me it was time to sweat off the calories. I sleepily replied that it was too late, but she wouldn’t have any of that. So we got up, and I did about 40 minutes of cardio. I hate that crazy Mistress voice in my head, but I need her to keep me going. I’ll work out again tonight when I get home from work.

Rewarded myself with a mini- at home spa treatment (eyebrows and facial mask). I realized I can’t be thin and beautiful if I don’t take care of my face and pamper myself a bit. Put my hair up in a high ponytail—this is exciting, as my hair is finally long enough to pony again—and admired how it elongated my neck.
I can’t keep beating myself up. That was the problem last night; I was already upset about the gain, and instead of motivating me to lose the weight, it just made me feel futile. No more of that. Every time I want to eat, I’ll find something to do to better myself so I don’t have this stupid low-self-esteem problem when I reach my goal. If that doesn’t work, I’ve dusted off some yoga/pilates DVDs and have the Wii Fit for when I can’t get to the gym (which, there’s really no excuse not to go to the gym, as our campus gym is open from 6AM to 1AM. Ridiculous!).

I’m also working on a really good workout mix… any suggestions are welcomed!!! I always work out to “Of Montreal” and feel like a total hipster bitch, but this is getting stale.

Oh, and I’m IMMENSELY inspired by [Winterlude’s] recent post. Check it out if you need an extra umph today. Crazy awesome.

Side Note/Edit: One of my professors decided out of the blue that she wants to have lunch with me. Long overdue, and why does she have to pick now? Ugh. My options are: avoid her, make an excuse, or just suck it up and find the safest food possible, then burn it off with some cardio. I have to balance my need for emptiness with my need for my adviser's reassurance. Bleh.

… Hmm, there are 3 “can’ts” in this post. I can lose the weight without getting discouraged or sabotaging myself. Hooray!
Have a great day, people! Think thin.


Stina said...

nice! I'm glad to see that you're feeling positive.

Jenna said...

Loving the attitude! No need to get down on yourself, you're doing so well!

My Dirty Little Secret said...

I just did an entry recently on my workout music you might be able to find some stuff there you like.

Laura said...

I'm only supposed to be taking 50mg of Topamax, but I will admit that 50mg doesn't even kill the migraines. I usually take 100mg-200mg a day. Self dosing=frowned upon, yet effective.

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