Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Support and More Support!

Hey girls!

Thanks for all the supportive comments :) I'm really excited to have gotten in. Found out like 10 minutes ago, I didn't get the scholarship I was interviewing for last week (though it's not terribly surprising as they didn't really seem to understand what I wanted to study, and I said some pretty ridiculous things...), but I don't really care. I'll find a way to get to England.


Today is Day 1 of fasting, after fasting for two days, and fasting for 1.5 days before the weekend. I need to get a good long fast in, because the on an off binging is making me slowly gain from my hard work during my 3-Day fast. I'm so glad to have [Jenna's] support, as well as knowing that there's a few other girls out there fasting or getting ready to fast: [Watch Me Lose 20], [RayRay], [Perfección Es Control], and [Sophia Ruins]. You all are keeping me motivated and on track! And good luck with your fasting :)

This competition that [Lulu] has started keeps getting me pumped. I think about eating something, and I'm like "nope, she's been giving up stuff to win it, you can't look ridiculous next week when you haven't lost anything!" Grin and bear it, ladies!

I'm going to try and stay under the radar for the next few days to get into this fast, and get some school work accomplished. Chug chug chugging along...



Anonymous said...

yay i'm so glad its helping! its really motivating knowing that you have to try harder in case everyone else is doing better than you huh?

Jenna said...

Loving you, Savory! And congrats again on the UK!

belle svelte said...

omgod congratulations! oxford is fantastic news and I am so happy for you. and thanks for the supportive comments, makes me feel a little less like a fatso =) I have done well for myself today. Didn't eat till 1:30 and am on a fruit fast. I'll let you know how that goes. Until then, f***ing amazing news. congrats!

EvaPuedeVolar said...

Hey Savory!

I hope your new fast is starting out on the right page! I'm definitely here if you need anything. It's always good to know that someone is there doing it with you.

<3 Eva

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