Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 2 of 3-Day-Fast

Hey out there!

Thanks for those of you following me so far :) It makes me motivated to think I'm not talking to a wall!! Following you right back.

So I'm super pissed for no reason... like all the time. I think it's the Pill. It always fucks me up. But I think I've been relatively cheerful despite driving solely on H20 for about 39 hours. Got in a confrontation with a librarian yesterday. I wanted to throw my glass SoBe bottle I've been keeping my water in in the middle of the library floor and watch it shatter, but I needed my water with me (and I can't get thrown into an institution and force fed... again).

Last night I had some crazy dreams and didn't sleep well. Took some advil for a hunger headache and got so nauseated I threw up later--bad idea in hindsight, I know. Obvs the headache is worth it and I should be thankful. I don't really feel hungry. 

The meds I'm on for being basically a crazy bitch make me a bit wired and added with the weak feeling of not eating, I feel a bit high. 


In other news, going to see "Watchmen" tonight! I'm excited about the movie, but this will really test my will power because I love snaking on at least *something* during a film. I'll be strong though. I'm not going to mess up all my hard work for stupid Sour Patch Kids. Ugh. Not one piece of anything will pass my lips until at least Sunday morning. Promise! Hold me to it people!!

Think thin and stay positive :) 


SophiaRuins said...

lol i used to get hunger headaches.
now i dont get them at all.
its strange.

sounds like your doing great though!

stay strong girl!

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Jenna said...

Hey savory1sick! Thanks for following/commenting on my blog.

Hunger headaches are what kill my fasts. I'm with you there. Have fun at the movies!

Maggie said...

Sounds like you doing well. I also get a kind a 'high' from fasting - I get all this energy and feel really motivated. wierd. Anyway gd luck at the movies

belle svelte said...

i want to see that movie love LOVE super hero movies. anyway, bravo for the fast...i doubt I could ever be that extreme! good luck and keep posting. =)

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