Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 4!

Day 4, another pound shed! That's 4 pounds in 4 days. I was SO worried that the Indian food would sabotage me. I'm really hoping to reach GW1 by Friday, which is when I originally had planned to according to my Wii Fit LOL. If I keep going at a pound a day, I can do it.

Today is all neg. cal day. This morning I had an asian pear (my FAVORITE kind of pear!), and I fed some to the dog... not too much, I don't want his little liver to go out of wack from too much sugar. Tonight I'm going to have loads of spinach, and I'll sauté a bunch for my mom with Tender Bits and choppped garlic. Trying to get her healthy too. So if I can manage not to eat the tender bits (she's going out tonight, so if I eat slow, I can pick at my food and then throw the yummy bits away) my cal. total will only be 71 for today. If I get forced to eat the Tender Bits, I'll be at 151. Not terrible either way.


Had to call the advice nurse at school and bitch at her that I've been eating like 35g of fiber (13g of all-bran, 13g of bran cake, +veggies) and my gastro-intestinal tract is ON STRIKE still. Everyone is all on the "eat more fucking fiber" movement, but that's not working. And laxatives don't work unless I take a ton of them, then I'm doubled over with cramps. Sigh. I just want to be empty.

She had no answers. "something something something peppermint oil pills something something sorry that you're having problems something lame lame lame something something." UGH.

Tried to give myself a colonic massage yesterday, heard some noises, but nothing. I am officially broken. If I had some sea salt, I would have resorted to a salt water cleanse, but I don't, so I haven't. Bitch bitch bitch.


Oh, I decided that I would try hypnotherapy to see if it could stop binges [another glorious inspiration of Supersize vs. Superskinny]. Unfortunately, I got super anxious talking to the first therapist on the phone who answered, and now I'm roped into something called Guided Imagery for $60.00 an hour (she actually charges $125.00 but in my poor attempt to get off the phone, I told her I couldn't afford it, and she was like "what can you afford?" and I said the first thing that popped in my head... UGH). She claims she can help me with my *said* anxiety and my binge eating. So, I'll trot over to her office next Wednesday and see what this woman and her "hypnotherapy-like" session has to offer.


P.S. Thanks girls for all your supportive comments about the boy! The really sucky thing is that we live together. Well, I love living with him, but it does take a lot of my freedom away. So there's no way to hide my fasting. So, I had to convince him that it's for detoxing and because of my IBS. I dunno, when I go to England next year, it will be easier, but at least for now the confrontation wasn't bad, and I think as long as he's still getting sex, I think that's all he really cares about. *rolls eyes*


dancing in the shadows said...

I hate that feeling too - when I've eaten more than enough fiber for the day, and I don't want to take laxies, but I'm not empty. You could try dried prunes or prune juice. It tastes pretty foul, but it usually works - I empty out within an hour or two. Ooh tell us how the hypnotherapy goes! I'm curious. :) Awesome cal total for the day!

Jenna said...

You're doing awesome, doll! I'm proud.


congratulations on the loss!
you're doing so well love, I'm jealous
and your cal intake is so low too!
I suppose you could try dried apricots - not incredibly low in calories, apparently 6 whole dried has about 100cal - so coz a packet of them has halves instead of full fruits, you could eat 12 pieces and have 100cal
they have a massive amount of fibre in them though
works a charm


SophiaRuins said...

oo ive been having the same problem lately. ive been trying to eat fiber but i dont have a whole lot of fiber foods at my house and my parents dont by laxatives D'=
i always feel like im full of junk and i also would love to just be sure that im completely empty.
i like pears too, i swear fruits have to be my favorite thing to eat nowadays.

im so proud youve lost 4 pounds in four days!
god thats just so inspirational.

hope things go well for yah.

XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

Anonymous said...

Yes its so true, if your man starts giving you trouble just take off your shirt! :) ha

Keep up the good work darlin'.

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