Thursday, March 12, 2009

Naan and Curry -- Hold the Naan

Lunch with the Professor went well. I practiced my new menu skills and tried to think about where she would want to go to lunch. Knowing her? Indian food. So I looked up the nutritional value of vegetarian tikka mesala last night (200cal) and made sure to suggest her favorite curry restaurant when we met. It worked! Ate the veggies and left the curry sauce, so I probably didn't eat quite 200calories, but I'd rather over estimate (so I can make sure to burn AT LEAST that much off later). She was a little distressed that I wasn't eating Naan, so I had to tell her I was trying to go wheat free for a week because I thought it didn't agree with my stomach. I don't want ANYONE to think I'm dieting. Well, not dieting in the sense of "atkins" or setting off "Let's watch Savory, she's starting to get thin" kind of things.

Think I'll just skip dinner as I didn't even find the curry satisfying. I like the feeling of eating food and still feeling like a hollow pit. It's so meaningless. Ugh, I'm getting sucked into the mindset again. Loving it. If I get hungry later, I'll just do more cardio. It always kills my appetite without fail. Mwahahaha.


P.S. My interview is tomorrow! Wish me luck!!! I'll need it, the only thing I have to wear are my fat pants LOL.


Anonymous said...

I love having fat pants. I remember one time my senior year in high school I went to put on my favorite pants from sophomore year and they were super baggy. I don't know how they'd fit now since I got rid of them...
Ha ha high school was the best diet ever. Waking up at 6, walking to and from school, never bringing lunch and not eating until 2 or 3. All that exhaustion certainly slims you out I guess.

Jenna said...

Savory, you're doing great! And GOOD LUCK on your interview!

Celia said...

You're doing so well!!!!! AMAZING. xoxo

Ana Nas said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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