Friday, March 13, 2009

Top Dog

Sounds like everyone is having crazy dreams lately. Last night, I dreamed that I went into the Photocopy place down the block from me to get a tattoo right before it closed at 10:55. And the guy there yelled at me and told me I wasn’t worth it and to leave. I wanted a little tattoo of an anchor. Then, I dreamed I blogged about this.

I totally know what this dream means. I am known to run down to the corner store across the street during a binge at around 10:55 and get some Sour Straws or something right before they close. The tattoo artist was the really cute guy who works at the hot dog stand across the street (I know, it’s so sad that we have a little hot dog place, it’s like the world wants me to be fat), and I binged last night. Yesterday, I was getting a manicure and I saw this {magazine with Kate Moss on the cover}. There’s the anchor tattoo! I thought she looked kind of fat.

Bottom line, girls, what was this dream about? Binging (again)? Late night hijinks? Not doing enough cardio? No, no, and no (though I need to up it). It was about weighing myself and not liking what I saw.

I’m forsaking the scale until Sunday, when I’ll weigh myself before starting my fast. Then I’m not going to weigh myself except once every 3 days (at most).

The scale has been my downfall, and I’m not going to continue this pattern.


Fasting until tomorrow night when I have to go out to dinner with friends. Any ideas on how to get away with not eating much without annoying anyone?


Anonymous said...

1) Say you are sick, preferably earlier in the day so they don't think you are just trying to get out of eating.
2) Order something you've never had before, taste it and say you don't like it.
3) Claim you had a big lunch. Again, do this early so as not to draw attention.
One or all should do the trick! Good luck.

Losing said...

Thanks for the supportive comments. ♥ Keep me updated on your fast and I'll be rooting for you as well! Stay safe and lots of luck.

Maggie said...

I agree - kate moss does look kinda big on that cover ..its her arms. I guess its fine though, she is after all getting older.

another excuse would be ...I'm broke - dont really want to go for a meal (or ask a friend if they want to share ...go for the cheapest thing on the menu: salad). I always use money as an excuse =D I'm a student and work nights as a bartender - so its a plausible excuse for me [and I save myself some cash].

Ana said...

Salad would be my recommendation. Some grilled chicken, light dressing? nom.
and yeah, I've heard of Kate Moss gaining. Maybe going for the sophisticated and feminine older woman thing. doesn't work so much when you're jagged.

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