Monday, March 2, 2009

less puffy?

So I wake up today feeling a little more concave. I think that's like the best feeling in the world, which is odd because when I was younger I was so self conscious about how my rib cage stuck out (I used to think it looked like I had 2 sets of boobs). Now, I just bask in the days when I'm not bloated or puffy and my stomach just sinks in. Amazing.

This rarely happens now because I also have IBS, so the puffiness is frequent. TMI little bit? ha. God, it's like my digestive system is like against me from all sides.

I haven't eaten anything today, which is amazing. But I haven't had much to drink either.... which is horrible. So I better get on that. Wish me luck avoiding food and avoiding people forcing me to eat food.


My Dirty Little Secret said...

I use to have a really sensitive stomach too. Like I carried pepto bismal pills in my purse at all times! Since I've pretty much cut out all wheat products and any really heavy diary products (still eat yogurt) I've found my stomach issues have gotten a million times better!

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