Monday, March 9, 2009

Office Space

Happy stupid Daylight Savings. We totally slept in today. Someone can't do math and set an alarm correctly.

Down another 2 pounds since ending the fast. So this week I'm just restricting and trying not to go crazy with school. Like I mentioned previously, I've got an interview on Friday, so I'll probably focus my calories toward eating less at the beginning of the week (~200ish) and then gradually increasing to 800 so I'm not out of it, and can nail this thing *hopefully.*

Thinking about doing a salt water colon cleanse on Saturday... if anyone's had experience with this, let me know!! I have to quit my bran, except for high cal days, so I think a colon cleanse might be beneficial. I just drank 8oz of prune juice which totally blows 180 cals out of my day! *grumble*

Eventually I have to motivate myself to get to my lab and do some research. I despise work. I cannot wait for this semester to be finished so I can graduate. Sometimes, I feel like if I can just get out of uni and into the real world, I'll become a productive member of society... but usually, I have this lingering fear that I'm just going to be like the guy from "Office Space" whose life ambition is to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I tell this to my friends and they dismiss me as "Oh, you'd get bored of doing nothing pretty quickly." UM you obviously have no idea what it's like to have depression! I think I would be quite content rotting away on a couch somewhere... and that frightens me to no end.

So, things that need to happen. I need to finish my huge paper (think 50-100 pages) so I can graduate with some dignity, lose this fatty fat, earn some money so I can finally have some new skinny clothes this summer--hello?! it is so not fair that I'm still wearing some things from high school and middle school. lol.

Ok. I've gotta motivate myself outta this apartment!!!!


For your viewing pleasure, and to end this post on a high note...

Runway Model Thinspo ;)

And because I <3 legs!

And a little mean of me, but still within the theme... a reverse thinspo:


Ana Nas said...

Ugh I know that feeling being content just to sit on the coach all day...oh wait I do it now hehe wish I didn't though.

I've never done a salt water flush it scares me to put all that salt in my body. If you do it let me know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

lol reverse thinspo...
well put.

just yesterday i went to a Hustler store and found a bunch of plus size fishnet body suits and corsets, god help me. my brother's ex girlfriend was probably as fat as that girl in your reverse thinspo picture, and she was all about shoving her fat ass into skinny people clothes to delude herself into thinking she was skinny and/or attractive.

long rant, but you get the point.

Ana said...

Great thinspo/...reverse thinspo

I tried a salt water colon cleanse

I only did half the amount you're supposed to do. I was scared. It barely worked for me, then I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I threw up.

but maybe I didn't do enough? In any case, I'm not doing it again. hell to the no.

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