Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Through It

Thanks for the great suggestions re: Dinner. I'll definitely incorporate some/all of them in some form or another. I'm disappointed the human garbage disposal aka my boyfriend won't be coming. Since this place is kind of pricey, he and I could get away with splitting an entree and then I would just pretend to eat. Sad day.


So, I had some things I wanted to share that have been successful in the past with me in regards to binging and various things:

1) Paint your fingernails first. They will take awhile to dry and you won't be able to eat anything, giving you time to really think about whether you need that food you are craving, AND I think we all need to just take some time out and do something silly and mindless for ourselves.

2) Subscribe to a fitness magazine. Keep these scattered around your apartment for thinspo and new techniques to liven up your gym routine. Most of these can be done at home and when you start to feel a craving, try one of their routines first. Plus, the recipes are super healthy and usu. very low cal!

3) Clean something disgusting that I know you've probably been putting off. The inside of the trash can, your sink drain, the litterbox. If it doesn't turn you off from food , then there's no help. Plus it might motivate you to start cleaning other things, that if done vigorously enough burns calories as well as being productive!

4) Visualize the food you are craving turning into something disgusting/inedible. This works for me when I watch TV and food is inundating me. Arby's sandwich? Rotting meat! Chocolate? Sewage! Ice cream? Peed-in-snow. haha, it gets ridiculous, but it works.

5) If you are the punishing type, buy some salt-scrub, take a shower and start exfoliating! Your skin will thank you after the redness subsides :)

6) Whiten those teeth! Save it for the time of day you usually start getting cravings, then pop your strips in. You can't eat or usu. drink for around 30min. But, in 7-14 days your smile will be so much whiter and brighter! Brush before and after this so food is less appetizing.


Reminder, I'm going to start fasting again on Sunday if anyone wants to join me (I'm hoping to go until Friday)!

Ladies, have a great Saturday/Sunday depending on where in the world you are!



Anonymous said...

i had heard the brushing your teeth technique before in some magazine, but now that you mention the manicure thing it really does keep me from eating (i was just getting ready to do my nails before i read this lol)

people sure do have some creative ideas out there. who'd have thought?

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