Monday, March 30, 2009

Last Day of Spring Break

So before I get into a rambling post, I wanted to make some clarifications. [What if Summer...], unfortunately my sense of boundaries are lacking so yeah I did dedicate a whole post to colon cleansing! The reason I did it was because I'd read about people doing them, but not too much information on the effectiveness, unwanted side effects, etc. etc. So, I was like "Well, I did it, so I might as well write about it since my life is boring as all Hell otherwise."

[Tree] and [Dee] further commented on the flush. Supposedly, it's supposed to be more effective than laxies and even enemas (the later of which I will *never* try). It cleanses the entire digestive system rather than just the colon. The salt water was really really not that bad. It was how full the salt water made me feel, but I was determined to drink the damn thing. I've heard accounts of people getting nauseated and throwing up, but I just felt like a giant water balloon. I think this is because I have been eating so little lately, they really recommend you skip at least one meal before doing it.

Anyway, so for all my dear readers out there... try a flush if you feel like it (it's cheap and I suppose effective) but I don't think I'll be doing it again unless it's dire circumstances.

My reason for this is the damn sodium made me gain 4 pounds! You are drinking like twice to four times your daily recommended sodium cap, if that gives you an idea. It hasn't come off and it could take days. How am I supposed to track how effective my regimen is if I have this fake water/sodium weight??? Ugh. So, if you're like me and can't stand losing control of the scales, I don't recommend a flush.


So because of the dreaded 127 on the scale, I allowed myself (no. the pig in me allowed me) some cookies and Little Debbie's "Nutty Bars" at like 1:00AM last night. I can't decide if I want to include it in yesterday's count or today's.

But because of it, I'm water fasting all day today and hopefully tomorrow (and if I can do it tomorrow, I'll do it Wednesday too!). Drinking a ton of water to try and rid myself of all the sodium. I'll allow myself a tea with stevia tonight as I'm supposed to go out with a friend (she wanted to go out for dinner and I lied and told her that I had to eat with my mother, then I told my mother I would be getting dinner and coffee with her...... ugh my ED has made me so dishonest. But if people would just let me do what I want, I wouldn't have to).

So this morning to keep up the act of eating, I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and guiltily took it up to my room, into the bathroom, and spooned out the contents into the toilet. Flush, evidence gone. So now I'll leave the empty container and spoon around for my mom to find.


Blah, I'm sorry readers, my life is super boring right now. But a big thank you out there to everyone following or reading, and especially all the pretty comments you've left. Seriously, I live to read ya'lls blogs and get excited about a new comment. So thanks for being so supportive and awesome!!

Wasting away for the rest of the day.



EvaPuedeVolar said...

My life is boring right now too, so don't feel bad. We can be boring together. heh

Thanks for dedicating an entire post to the salt water flush. I keep thinking that I'll try it eventually, but I feel the same way as you. I can't stand the idea of a higher number on the scale, even if it is just bloaty salt weight.

Good luck on your water fast! I'm sure that will help you shed the salt.

<3 Eva

dancing in the shadows said...

I'm thinking of trying the salt water flush sometime after all of my testing/finals/etc. But thank you for posting so much about it!

"my ED has made me so dishonest. But if people would just let me do what I want, I wouldn't have to." --> I feel the same exact way!!

Good luck on your water fast~~ :]

Anonymous said...

by colon cleanse i meant an enema. THAT i'd be surprised if you wrote about. there was nothing going up your ass for the salt water flush, so that's fine lol

that's crazy that it made you gain 4 lbs. i know i'm a bloated water balloon myself at the moment. bleh... let's hope it goes away for both of us

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on ED making you dishonest. I don't feel that I have a full fledged ED but I am definitely in that direction, I lie like its my job. Good luck.

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