Sunday, March 8, 2009

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Broke the fast early this morning. Weight before breaking: 127.2! If you remember, before I started, I weighed 134 (stupid potato salad). So, I'm happyish.... I just kind of feel like I must be huge to lose that much weight--minus water weight--in only ~3 days. But I've been plateaued in the 135 area for so long (like 2 months), that this is serious progress.

Sliced up an apple into 8 pieces and ate half (35 cal), then gave the BF the other half. This was at like 4am. About an hour ago I cooked an egg (90 cal) and put some chives in it. Tonight I'll have chicken broth with diced celery (15 calories).

Thank you all for your encouraging words and advice on breaking the fast! I'm def. going to stay away from my dairy for a few days and stick to mostly veggies.

And I wanted to specifically comment on something [Ana] mentioned. So, my boyfriend DID end up going through my browser history and found the blog. At first I thought I would just delete it and start over, but he was so unfazed by the whole thing. I guess it's because he's seen me through 2 hospitalizations and a near suicide attempt... but I still really don't know what to think about it. I mean I'm glad he's one less person I have to lie about food to, but I feel like he's got some kind of underlying motive that I'm just too dumb to see right now. So, I asked him if he would just respect my privacy and not visit the blog and he could ask me whatever he wanted but let this be some place I could feel free and anonymous(ish!).

... This may come back to bite me though. But, overall, he was really supportive during my fast (it was cute, he would always go into another room or like out of the apartment when he was going to eat something!) and for the past several years since I've stopped eating like a *normal* person.

Vent vent vent.

So, I'm still losing even with the fast over. So hopefully I'll reach GW1 way sooner than March 20th (when I have to go home for Spring Break and have Paula Deen aka my mother force feed me jambalaya or deviled eggs or black bottom pie) and I can start working toward GW2.

OH Newsflash!!! We cleaned the kitchen LOL. And I feel like doing my homework for the first time in 2 weeks. So, feeling productive.

Whistling while I work.

Have a good week girls! I'll be reading your updates :)


Jenna said...


Oh, and musical theatre is my life. If I had any vocal talent I'd be on Broadway ASAP. Unfortunately I don't.

What's you favorite musical?

Ana said...

I'm glad things didn't get too out of hand with the boyfriend
And yay for the not having to lie to him :)
I hope he doesn't have any ulterior motives, I'm not sure what he could do?

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